Whether you are looking to work with experienced home renovation builders to spruce up your old home or custom home builders in Adelaide to build your dream house from scratch, know that we are here every step of the way at ASPEC Homes. Take the opportunity to connect with us at your earliest convenience. You can reach us through the contact numbers we have listed here.

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Address: PO Box 195
Fulham Gardens SA 5024

Showroom Address: 14 Canberra St,
Henley Beach South SA 5022

Phone: 08 8353 0691

Arthur Takopoulos: 0402 007 569

Sam Kallios: 0419 819 586

Peter Andonopoulos: 0400 476 556

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We know that hiring contractors for the first time may seem daunting. Don’t worry, our friendly staff will be open to hear more of your queries about our home renovation builders and other team members. Feel free to ask questions regarding our process as one of the top home builders in Adelaide.

We are happy to bring clarity to your questions. This way, you can undertake any home building or renovation project with all the information that you need.

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If you need a face-to-face consultation, we can provide our services right at your doorstep. But if you are pressed for time and want to stay safe, then we also offer online consultations. As your home builders in Australia, we wish to provide nothing but quality services for you. That is why we’d like to make sure to provide convenient services from start to finish.

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ASPEC Homes provides quality services in custom home building and renovation. Our home renovation builders, designers, contractors, and home builders have decades of experience in the industry. If you wish to know more about our past projects, you can always scan through our gallery. For more updates, stay tuned to our blogs and website announcements.