Frequently Asked Questions

Is your initial quote all inclusive or are there additional costs?

We strive for a no variations policy. This is achieved by meeting with the clients in our selections office, with no price variations after this discussion takes place and notes are documented. Please note: no variations on footings will occur if we have all engineering reports. Footings will be quoted as per Engineering Specifications, unless a call is made by the engineer on their inspections of the dig/steel/pour process (this is an unforeseen variation).

How long does the design & build process take after the initial consultation?

We can recommend a designer who we use & can make a booking almost immediately after the client is comfortable & ready to commence the first stage of their building process. An ASPEC Homes director will attend all of the design meetings to oversee the plans, and offer their expertise to help our clients save money in the design & structural process.


Do you liaise with external tradesmen on your clients' behalf?

ASPEC Homes can liaise with external tradesman on the client’s behalf if agreed upon before the contract is signed. We have a stringent process when it comes to seeking the services of external tradesmen to ensure they get the ASPEC Homes tick of approval, relative to our high quality standards.

When do we get to see the progress of our home?

Our clients are never locked out of their home during the building process. They are able to enter the site at any time with their construction key, or ring us at any time for a progress report. Communication is the key to our customer satisfaction guarantee, so we constantly seek our client’s feedback throughout the building process.

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